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This place is WONDERFUL!! I went here for the first time today because I have 4 dogs and my car was covered in dog hair. They took their time to get all the hair out and my car looked and smelled great when they were done.

I didn't have any cash on me so when I got up to counter to check out, I asked if I could add money so that I could give a tip. The nice guy said yes, so that was a real perk. I tipped them $15 because they really did do such a great job on such a mess of a car.

Lastly all the people were REALLY friendly!!

If you live in the Silver Spring area / swing through 495, and you take your vehicle anywhere else to get it washed... you're smoking crack! This is (by far) on of the best automated / hand wash car washing places I've been to in years. They are fast, efficeint, and I from start to finish I've only ever had to wait 15-20 minutes. The last two times my car was full of garbage, sticky residue, and dog hair. It was a nightmare, and I really didn't think I was going to get that wet dog smell or that old food smell out of that thing... wrong. Not only to they clean the carpets and deoderize the seats, they pick through your crap and throw away what is clearly garbage, and neatly stack all your other junk to one side. It's crazy! For twenty two bucks I would expect an automated car wash, have the exterior wiped down, and maybe the windows cleaned. These guys take it a step further and hand wash your car, clean the dried brake fluid out of the wheel wells, vacuum and wash the inside, and then send it through the automatic portion. That thing does an amazing job too! Once the car is out, they hand dry the spray wax, Armor All the tires and leather, wash the windows, and allow you one free flavor of car freshener thingy. They literally have hundred different scents. Naturally I go with "new car" as it gives me the false sensation fo owning my car all over again.

Trust me people... take your car here! Side note: if you're something fancy (i.e.- military, law enforcement, EMS, fire fighter) they will hook you up a little.


I wish this car wash was a chain because ever since I moved to Baltimore I've been in search of car wash like this.

I usually get the most basic car wash which is only $13 and that includes a vacuum, basic wash and a spray/wipe down (inside and out) for $13!!!! Where else can you do that, huh?! I mean I really don't need all the extras but for just $25 you can get everything! It's kind of cool too because you can see your car go through the wash. Plus I love it because I don't have to clean or lift a finger, hehe.

On nice days expect a wait. Also it sucks when you're trying to leave on Georgia Ave, but after you leave here you feel like you have a brand new car and you have entitlement to just cut the guy off and go about your day!

Whyyyy WHY!!!!! Isn't there one of these in Baltimore?!

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